I was eight years old when I saw my first issue of Muscle & Fitness. From that point forward, I was hooked on the art and science of sculpting bodies, nutrition and weight lifting.

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  1. From: Anthony Keys / Principal Venture Developer

    Business Greetings:

    Hi there, Ms. Sophia Fiore.. I would like for you, to consider being the (Lead Star) in a benchmark (erotic cable-tv feature) tentatively entitled – “The Alicia Tyler Story” which shall become, a dynamic & lucrative cable-tv movie..

    More-so, this potential “Alicia Tyler Story” film endeavor, shall be your mainstream (premiere opportunity) to gain several “Award-Winning Nominations” for the upcoming year 2015, from global awards organizations, such as the “Peoples Choice Awards – BET Awards & VH1 Awards” via nominations for “Best Actress & Best Writing & Best Producers”..

    This film project “The Alicia Tyler Story” is a unique, colorful & informative, yet heart-wrenching story, of a highly determined & ambitiously aggressive, well-mannered lady, who just so happen to be a highly notable “Black Adult-Star”…and unfortunately, whom was a life-long (Asthma Patient & Migraine Sufferer) and needed the usage, of an inhaler daily, while also battling weekly migraines, throughout her life.


    In regards to the range of “cash money” compensation, in which you can be expected to clearly bank, from your on-screen participation, within the cable-tv movie – The Alicia Tyler Story..

    Essentially, we highly anticipate, that you could minimally gain, at least $5,000 before December 20th, and then soon-after the movie is released for broadcast, you can expect as much as $75,000 dollars, by the end of October 2015..

    The Bottom Line: Together, after co-writing this cable-tv feature, within a few weeks thereafter, because (70 percent) of the content footage is already available, we only have to do the (wrap-around performances)..

    Therefore, we shall be able to quickly film this entire 2-hr movie project, within Los Angles-CA and be finished by Thanksgiving 2014, all within a total of 10 Days, primarily during your most available days for production.

    Here below, are the specific “Cable-Tv Channels” prospects, that we shall offer the movie, to bid upon against the other.

    USA Channel – SyFy Channel – FX Channel – HBO

    Oxygen Channel – Discovery Channel – TLC Channel

    VH1 Channel – Spike Channel – Lifetime Channel

    Starz Channel – We Channel – Showtime Channel

    Moreover, our you can be assured, of a wide variety of “artistic nominations” that shall be gained, primarily by way of the (4-6) unfathomable (1-on-1) spectacular engaging conversations, that you shall have as the “Starring Actress” in various (face-to-face) conversations, amongst a diverse array of globally appealing “Storytelling Individuals” whom you shall be portrayed to befriend, in a “Jane Sawyer/Barbara Walters” styled conversation.

    === Storyline Background ===

    On Sunday – August 11, 2013.. a nationally-known, highly intriguing African-American (stripper & pornstar) alternative entertainer, who performed under a stage-name as “Alicia Tyler” was found deceased, inside of her mother’s California residence, from not having her (asthma inhaler) refilled & accessible, on the night of her death.

    Her actual real name was Ms. Nicole Porter, whom was married to an estranged husband, and was the mother of a 5 year old daughter, and her life-story, is highly similar to the “Anna Nicole Smith Story” which has also aired, as a (made-for-tv-movie) on cable-tv.

    Conversely, a vast 95% majority, of this cutting-edge movie feature, is primarily [PG-13] however this film shall also encompass, very brief moments of (Rated-R Language & NC-17 Nudity) in various sequences, which mostly appear, during the later half of the film..

    Insightfully, the wonderful & gravitating “Alicia Tyler Story” shall also lavishly depict “Ms. Nicole Porter” as her (newly upgraded & upscale lifestyle) inevitably unfolds, along with highlighting her incidental episodes, during her (5-7 asthma battles) amongst other debilitating health challenges. Plus, we shall convey, all of her financial & personal contributions, to various individuals within her life, all the way through to her untimely demise.

    Sincere Thanks.. for reviewing this lucrative “Pure Upside – Venture Proposal” and please respond, with any type of counter-offer, or any detailed questions, or issues to be addressed..

    Anthony Keys / Writer-Producer

    213 – 259 – 3005

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    1. Anthony,
      I’m not sure why you left this “comment”. But, I have to assume that you are aware that this is NOT Sophia Fiore’s web site or email?
      I am not nor have ever been her agent in any capacity? To my knowledge, she is no longer in the adult industry.
      I have not been in contact with her nor do I know of any ways to contact her.


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